In particular, the equipment can be"reinforced". As in any MMORPG, we can find gear not very useful at first (because committed to some other class or stronger than its current equipment). This gear can be sold, but also dismantled: the object is then destroyed with Astellia Online Asper, but can recover"stones of improvement" that can be spent to fortify another object.Below level 50, an object can be updated to +6 maximum degree. To continue to improve, it is going to evolve the object to level 50 (the objects evolve in the exact same way as the characters). And after at level 50, an object can reach a level +10, but classically enough, a risk is presented by the progression: outside the +3, the player faces a chance of collapse more or less dull. The object can stay as it had been and the participant loses the rocks of progress in the procedure; the object may get rid of a degree of reinforcement while losing the stones of improvement used; a crucial failure contributes to losing the stones of improvement and many levels of reinforcement.

We know the strengths and weaknesses of such a system: it is the way to consume resources and thus limit inflation overly galloping in the game market, in addition to generating a strong sense of affection to its equipment ( the more we succeed in creating it progress, the more the thing gets personal); but it's also a frustrating mechanism (as soon as the object we have lost is gaining energy ) and a few programmers tend to monetize these mechanisms to inspire players to spend from the gaming store to limit the chance of regression. 'an object - here, we still dismiss the content of the shop Astellia and the developer promises to steer clear of any form of mechanics that are pay-to-win. We will estimate on piece.

Together with the development of this object, the equipment may also be improved through runes to give it abilities. In Astellia, every object has five slots that can each accommodate another rune: a few things can be updated with offensive runes (weapons, rings and earrings ), others with defensive runes (breastplates, necklaces and bracelets). For example, each rune may add, as an instance, attack power, chance to critically spell energy that is hit or increase, or boost the level of critical dodge, health or mana, or vitality.

Understandably, the Astellia development system is meant to be rich (the gear could be improved in many different ways) and especially enough diversified to permit gamers to produce the equipment that best fits their playing style. Probably to establish if this progression will pass just by the sport itself, or if the developer also intends to monetize it to buy Astellia Asper.The crafting method of Astellia should play an important role in the sport. Although not every player needs to reach for the hammer, but in the latest in the auction house everybody should benefit from the system. The programmers gave us info regarding crafting.