Before using the Freeze Dry GF Machine , first place the items to be dried in a low-temperature refrigerator or liquid nitrogen, and freeze the items completely before freezing and drying.

The main unit and the vacuum pump are connected by a vacuum tube, and the connection uses an international standard clamp. The clamp contains a sealing rubber ring. Before the connection, apply an appropriate amount of vacuum grease to the rubber ring, and then clamp it with the clamp.

A power socket for the vacuum pump is provided on the right side of the host, and the power cord of the vacuum pump is connected well.

Check the vacuum pump to make sure that the vacuum pump oil has been filled. Do not run without oil. The oil level must not be lower than the center line of the oil mirror.

The "O" sealing rubber ring above the cold trap of the main unit should be kept clean. For the first use, it can be coated with a thin layer of vacuum grease. The plexiglass cover is placed on the rubber ring and gently rotated a few times to facilitate sealing.

Technical description:

GFD series Freeze Dry Machine can be divided into rear type, side type and upper type according to the location of the cold trap;The dimensions of the tank in the chart are inner diameter and external dimension.

GFD series Freeze Dry Machine can be divided into one-time water scouringdefrosting, steam defrosting and automatic alternating defrosting according to the defrosting method.

GFD series Freeze Dry Machine can be divided into small experimental type, medium production type and large production type according to the size. The types in the above chart are only the common specifications. Equipment can be customized according to specific

GFD series Freeze Dry Machine are divided into electric heating type (medium and small equipment) and steam heating type (large equipment) according to the heating heat source.

GFD series Freeze Dry Machine can be classified into fluorine system and ammonia system according to the refrigerant, and the refrigeration parameters shown in the above chart are fluorine system. GuanFeng is a professional freeze dry machine and Pre Processing Equipment manufacturer, we can provide you with high-quality freeze dry machine product. Please contact us by check below link: if you interested in GuanFeng freeze dry machine.